News and Updates

Stay Active - Date 02/20/2020

Regardless of your fitness level, the on-site gym at Encina Meadows is always there to provide you with the equipment you need for an invigorating workout session! #healthylifestyle #encinameadows #easyliving #goletaca

Cool Cats - Date 02/18/2020

Did you know cats can spend almost half the day grooming themselves? Luckily, our apartments can accommodate up to 2 cats, so bring your favorite furball along! #lifewithpets #easyliving #encinameadows #goletathegoodland

Celebrate Love - Date 02/13/2020

Candy hearts, red roses, cute cards, or a romantic gift are all staples for Valentine’s Day. What’s your plan for this love-filled celebration? #happyvalentinesday #romance #love #encinameadows

Green Living - Date 02/11/2020

Choosing healthy food options is easy when you have Sprouts Farmers Market, and all their delicious fresh produce, only steps away from your home! #towbesgreen #encinameadows #goletathegoodland

Coffee is Love - Date 02/07/2020

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh morning coffee in the kitchen – We particularly enjoy the intense flavor of a Moka espresso! What’s your favorite way to start your day? #mokaespresso #morningcoffee #encinameadows #goleta

It's World Nutella Day! - Date 02/05/2020

Sweet, creamy & hazelnutty, Nutella is always a good idea—Even more so today since it’s #WorldNutellaDay! #chocolatehazelnut #yummy #nutella

Winter at the Beach - Date 01/31/2020

One of the best parts of living in So Cal are those winter beach days! Luckily, Encina Meadows is only a short drive to the beach and a long way away from the snow.

Green Juice for Your Health - Date 01/27/2020

Have you had your greens today? If not grab some green juice at nearby Blenders in the Grass. Yesterday was National Green Juice Day but there are benefits to having it a lot more often than once a year!

Bike Trails - Date 01/24/2020

Did you know that Goleta has numerous extensive bike trails? It’s amazing exercise and a great way to ride deeper into the heart of the community. #cycling #socalcycling #encinameadows

Relax by the Pier - Date 01/21/2020

Sometimes, all you need is that special spot to return to time and time again. #bliss #adventure #outdoors #ocean