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Stay Active - Date 06/30/2020

Gentle Yoga, Pilates, or HIIT programs are all great for a sweat session at home – what’s your favorite way of working out outside of the gym?

Towbes - Easy Living - Date 06/26/2020

Not every pleasure has to be a guilty one. Enjoy an evening catching up on your favorite show or relaxing with a glass of wine and a delicious dinner.

Support Local Businesses - Date 06/23/2020

Now is the moment to show our support and shop local – Share your favorite local businesses with us!

The Perfect Table - Date 06/18/2020

Dressed to impress can also apply to the dinner table – what’s your setting for the perfect meal?

Sweeten Your Day - Date 06/15/2020

A new week is starting today, and what better way to celebrate it than with a sweet treat – cookies, ice cream, chocolate, or anything else you fancy!

Find The Right Home - Date 06/10/2020

Looking for your next home? Check out our virtual tours to see which of our 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments best suit your needs!

Hug Your Cat Day! - Date 06/04/2020

We don’t need a reason to cuddle them, but today we have one, nonetheless. Let’s hope our feline friends are on board with the #hugyourcatday festivities!

Summer Drinks - Date 06/02/2020

The weather is getting warmer, and summer is starting to make itself known more and more – so make sure you enjoy a cold drink on your private balcony!

What's Your Morning Ritual? - Date 05/28/2020

When it comes to your morning routine, are you a coffee-before-anything-else type, or do you dive directly into a new day?

Quick & Delicious - Date 05/26/2020

Whipping up a sweet treat is as easy as 1, 2, 3, thanks to quick three-ingredient desserts. For example, you can bake delicious cookies using just bananas, rolled oats, and some walnuts!