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Happy Thanksgiving! - Date 11/26/2020

Today we are grateful for every awesome member of our Encina Meadows community. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Live Green - Date 11/23/2020

At Encina Meadows, we are happy to provide our residents a smart and environmentally friendly community. This means that our apartments are 100% smoke-free and offer great recycling services!

Find The Right Home - Date 11/19/2020

Check out all our floor plans and contact us to see how you can become part of the Encina Meadows family!

Green Living - Date 11/17/2020

Wondering what to do with all those old sweaters you never wear anymore? Donating them is one way to go. Or, you could get creative and turn them into some stylish leg warmers!

Beach Fun! - Date 11/13/2020

What can turn a regular Friday into an adventure? Our bet is on an excursion down to the cliffy rocks of More Mesa together with your friends!

Sushi Time! - Date 11/11/2020

To sushi or not to sushi, that is the question! With Sushi Teri a 7-minute walk away from Encina Meadows, the answer is quite clear: It’s sushi time!

Chat With Us - Date 11/06/2020

What do a covered parking and multiple laundry facilities have in common? Well, they both make Encina Meadows a great place to call home. Call us or chat with us to find out more!

Treat Yourself - Date 11/03/2020

What’s your favorite comfort food? Is it a delicious grilled cheese served with some creamy tomato soup or perhaps a simple ham and cheese? No matter your preference, today is the perfect day to savor your favorite sandwich!

Happy Cat Day! - Date 10/29/2020

It’s the purr…fect day of the year, it’s #CatDay! Make sure you give your feline friends some extra love and maybe a treat or two!

All The Space You Need - Date 10/27/2020

Worried about where to put those odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere? At Encina Meadows, we have private storage lockers that are ready to help safely store all your precious belongings!